Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where did B go?

Apparently aliens came and took my old human B and swapped him with a new nicer one. That is the ONLY explanation for his recent behavior. First of all, he is constantly hugging me. I am always on guard - waiting for him to squeeze the life out of me. Then he has been doing this German Techno song and dance for me which I find hilarious. Sometimes when he gets too close I think "ok, this is it, he is going to trample me!" so I try to jump up and bite his bits, but then he always calms down and rubs my belly. Even more odd is his behavior in the mornings. Usually as soon as C walks out the door, he puts me in my kennel so he can get ready for work, like I am going to get in his way or something! Lately though, he has not been putting me in my kennel until he is just about to walk out the door. PLUS, he has been picking up my poopies which I know he HATES to do! I don't know what is up, but I really like this new B.

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