Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Airing my dirty laundry

I am so mad at B. There I said it. I have to get it off my chest, it's not good to keep these things bottled up. Today when he got home from work, he was doing his German techno dance and I thought that was my cue to run over and start dancing with him and he totally snapped at me. I MAY have bit his nice new work pants, and it's possible that I was aiming for his weenie, but I thought we were playing. Well anyways he was all mad and wouldn't give me a Beggin' Strip! Can you believe it? I am never talking to him again... unless he makes me scrambled eggs then I will forgive him. Or I might forgive him if he gives me some peanut butter. Or maybe even a piece of that chicken jerky.

Belly Rubs!

There is nothing quite like a good belly rub. I loved them when I was little (as you can see in this pic) and I love them even more now!

New dog

I met a new dog in my complex tonight. Her name is Sparkle. She seems pretty chill. I could tell she had some Border Collie (B.C.) in her so knowing she was on a leash I tried to pounce on her and get her to run. I figured if I ever had a chance of out-running a B.C. it would be when she was on a leash attached to her human! Unfortunately, C did not let me off my leash either so I could not reach maximum Lola velocity. Next time we race I will drink a Red Bull first.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home sick

C stayed home sick from work yesterday and as much as I love her she really got on my nerves. I hope she doesn't read this. I have my little routine that I do everyday. I get the humans out the door then I have Lola time where I catch up on my tv shows and do my online schoolwork. Well, with C home it completely threw my schedule out of wack. She wanted to stay by my side the whole day! It was so annoying!

I was late posting three online school assignments because I couldn't exactly get online with C staring at me. I did not get to eat Beggin' Strips for my snack because it was too hard to sneak them, PLUS I couldn't get on the human bed to nap since she is now joining forces with B and not allowing me up there either. I love C and she is great on the weekends to play with but a girl needs her space!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heeeeeere's LOLA!

New toys from Sophie

These are some of my new toys from my cousin Sophie.
I sort of bit off some of their body parts but I think I like them better this way!



Seriously, am I not the cutest dog EVER?

Baby pic time!

Who is the cutest baby on the planet? ME of course!!

Lucky Day!

This picture was taken on the day my life changed forever. C took this of me at the vet's office after just meeting me and agreeing to take me home. In fact I think she had just called B before this pic was taken to tell him that I was coming to stay.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Where oh where is the weekend? I can't wait for it to be here already!

Here are the top three reasons why I love my weekends:

1. B usually makes scrambled eggs and gives me the leftovers! I LOVE scrambled eggs.

2. I get to sleep in. It is so nice not to have to wake up at the crack of dawn and run around making sure B has his belt and C has her coffee.

3. I get extra lovies. I usually get to go to the dog park and stay up late getting belly rubs while B and C watch movies.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am not too sure what to think about these Monsoon storms. The other night I woke up to this thunderous crash outside and I started crying. It scared the bejeebs out of me! C woke up and told me it was thunder so I tried to calm down but it was still scary. It sounded like our house was being ripped up from the ground. C let me lay in her lap and she pet me until the storm passed then I went back in my kennel and went back to sleep. I am sooooo glad B did not get up with me! He would have made me put my leash on and go outside to see that everything was ok.

I am LOVING the rain that comes along with these storms. B and C have been walking me at night in the rain and it is so much fun! It is like playing in the sprinklers! Then before we go inside, C runs in and gets a towel and I get a big rub down which I like most of all. So if we could just have the rain minus the thunder, I would be one happy pup.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, it has been a while but I have been busy! First I was on vacay in Tucson and I had a blast. I got to read the paper in bed with F and she didn't even get mad when I tried to eat the paper. They took me to the dog park, fed me ice cubes, and gave me tons of treats. F and K also bought me a new collar and one of those expandy leash things. It is the best, I just keep hoping that B does not take it away from me!

From Tucson I went to Douglas and met my cousin Sophie. We had fun together! Sometimes I think she got kind of annoyed with me being in her space all the time but she was very gracious. She even let me take some of her toys home!!! I waited a whole week before I ate them all. I also got to meet Nana in Douglas. She and F are soooo nice. We played in the water and we even saw these crazy creatures with shells on them in the backyard. I will post a picture later.

After Douglas I went back to Tucson for a short while and then when I was going for a walk with K, my humans B and C showed up. At first I was like "Um, who are you?" Then I sniffed their butts and remembered they were mine! I was excited after that.

So now I am home and I glad to be there but I hope I get to go back to Tucson soon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I'm in Tucson right now, and am having a great time. When I walked in the house I was greeted with Chicken Jerky and new toys!!!! OMG, I love this place.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Playing with my Cousin Gracie

I got to play with my cousin Gracie today, and she was so nice! The pictures are a little dark but you can see that she even shared her ball with me.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Showing B how to dig

Ultimate treat

I LOVE bacon flavored snacks but C upped the ante last night.

It started when B and C were trimming my nails, which I HATE and I was crying and trying to escape, but then when they were done, C said I was a good girl. Usually when she says that I know I am getting something good to eat. So I followed her to the kitchen and she took out one of my bacon flavored snacks and I was all excited like "Gimme, gimme, gimme" and then she put peanut butter on it! I LOVE peanut butter. Oh my gosh it was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. It was like my own little slice of doggie heaven. I hope they trim my nails more often.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Not much going on today. I woke up, got a belly rub, ate and drank, now I am just watching "The Hottie and the Nottie" with Paris Hilton. It is not very good. I may go get a puppaccino at Starbucks in a little bit.