Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Balance and Poise

It is hard work to balance your whole body on a single throw pillow. You try it!

New Friends

This is Bella. She lives next door to C's parents. I always hear her barking so finally C's dad D gave me a little lift so we could be introduced.

Waiting for B to get home!!!!!

I love B. He is my new BFF. I get so excited when I hear his car pull up!!!


Here I am quietly playing with my toys and C just had to take another picture of me. She is like the paparazzi sometimes, I swear!


B let me lick his "Rootbeer Freeze" cup clean. LOVE HIM!

Ever feel like there's a monkey on your back?

Nursing B back to health

Two weeks ago B got really sick, something about drinking too much...??? I nursed him back to health.

New Big Girl Bed!

I got a new big girl bed! C said she is going to keep it right next to her so when the mini-human comes I have my own special place. B even filled it with C's dirty laundry for me. It smells heavenly...

You can see my new ball too in the picture. That came from B's mom F and I love it. I take it with me everywhere I go.