Thursday, June 18, 2009

Silly Humans

My humans are so silly! Everyday when C gets home she asks me what I have been doing all day. I never answer because she would freak out if she knew so I just let her ramble on in her silly baby-talk voice. The truth is, I love it when they leave! As soon as I hear their cars drive away, it is PAR-TAY time! First I move my kennel aside so I can get out of my little environment, then I grab a cold one out of the 'fridge. (DogFish is my favorite beer in case you ever need a gift idea for me.) Then I usually catch up on one of my TV shows. I like to watch Ellen, Animal Planet, Oprah, the Real Housewives, and The Dog Whisperer. I love to take a nap on the human's bed. There is just something about B's pillow that is so comfortable! I have lunch and surf the web for a bit, then when it is time for C to come home I move my kennel back and pretend to play with my toys. One of these days she is going to come home early and won't she be in for a surprise!!

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