Friday, February 26, 2010

Old School San Diego Pic

I heard a rumor that we may take another trip to Dog Beach this year. I hope so! Here is a trip down memory lane...

More pics from my B Day party

As you can tell, I am trying to get out of C's clutches. B makes fun of her and calls her Elmira sometimes like the crazy cartoon character who practically squeezes the life out of her pets!

Pillow Fort pt. 2

Attack of the crazy cat

The day before yesterday I was BRUTALLY ATTACKED by a cat outside my house! It was just an ordinary day, C got home from "work" and took me out to do my biz. She was locking the front door and I had to go so I started down the stairs without her (still on my leash though since there is that whole annoying "leash law" thing.)

So anyways, I see this crazy cat at the bottom of the stairs and before I could even sniff her butt to see if we'd met before, she attacked me! I had blood all over my nose and face. She had these crazy claws. Well, OF COURSE C had to over-react and freak out. She is so embarrassing sometimes. She yanked me up the stairs and into the house to clean the blood off and the whole time I am trying not to pee my pants.

C took me outside again to do my biz and we looked both ways for the crazy cat. Not seeing it anywhere we started to walk away and out of nowhere the cat came running full speed at me and attacked me AGAIN! C was FUMING this time. I mean I seriously saw smoke coming out of her ears and she had a few choice words to say to the cat and its owner who was standing there like a dumba&$.

So anyways, I am fine now, my nose is just a little sore. I guess I am more embarrassed than anything because C had such a meltdown. Not only did she freak out on the cat and its owner but she freaked out in the landlord's office too. I told her to calm down and take a midol, but she did not find that as funny as I did.

I hope for that crazy cat's sake, it does not cross paths with C again. She might go all Jerry Springer Momma Bear on it again.

Me and Zach in Ajo!

Way belated pic from Thanksgiving

Here is me and Sophie hoping and praying that Nana drops just a tiny little piece of turkey for us. PLEASE-OH-PLEASE-OH-PLEASE!

(rare) Tender moments with B

Belated Christmas Pics from Douglas

Real women wear horizontal stripes!

Best Lookin' Birthday Girl in the World!

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

I had the most FABULOUS birthday party in Tucson this past weekend! I got presents and treats and the humans even sang a song to me. Life is good!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I LOVE IT WHEN C DOES LAUNDRY! She left this blanket on the couch for me right out of the dryer and I rolled up like a Lola burrito. It was so warm and cozy. I hope B does not get mad, he is such a germ freak you know!

Chirpy Birds

C and I went to PetsMart last week to buy food and toys for moi and there were all of these chirpy little birds in glass cages. I was most fascinated by them as you can tell from my pic.

Checking things out at the dog park

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Glamour Shot

Belated New Year's Pics!

I had a BLAST hanging out with C's mom and sister on New Year's Eve!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Not amused

You can tell by the look on my face that I am sick of the boxes already. We moved over a month ago and you can see all of the boxes still piled up behind me. This is really getting old. How can I do my doggie yoga with all of this crap ruining my feng shui?

Monday, February 8, 2010

B the Artist!

B drew this picture of me on a box in our living room. I think it is pretty good although I am not sure why I would be smoking a pipe...

Cool clouds at the dog park


Striking a pose


I LOVE it when C piles all of the pillows on the couch for me to lay on!

Lovin' Life!