Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Damn Vet

My weekend started out great. I went to Ajo and had so much fun but then C made me go to the vet when we got home. She is such a downer. I may or may not have hurt my two back paws from running around straight in the desert for 4 hours but still. Why make me go to the vet? Why does she hate me? The vet's office smells like animals who have been tortured plus they always poke and prod me and then they try to feed me these "treats" that taste like cardboard!

So then, get this, the vet gives me a SHOT! Ouch! It was bad enough getting my temperature taken but then to give me a shot? I am not currently on speaking terms with C.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cute little babes!

On my last trip to PetsMart, I saw these little guys. They were so cute, I want some!


OMG, this is my very best friend in the whole wide world. Look at us, we are like little schmoopies together!!

Christmas Wish!!!

All I want for Christmas is a life-sized stuffed animal from Costco!!! Please-oh-please-oh-please! They are bargain priced at only $750.00 each so I really hope B and C get my memo!!


Here I am in a headlock from B. Can you tell from my expression how much I love it when he sticks my head in his smelly armpits. Ugh.

In Tucson

Here are some pics from the last time I was in Tucson. B's mom, F bought me this cute little cat and I played nice with it in front of her then took it home and ate the whole thing.

Goofing around