Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Missing my homies

I got to go to C's mom and dad's house this weekend and I tried to get C to let me spend the week with them. She said no of course because she hates me. I MISS MY HOMIES J and D!!!!! I LOVE the grass in their backyard and the crumbs on the floor in grandma's room, not to mention the pillow forts I can make. I had so much fun with them over the holidays when we lived there, I really miss them. J rubs my belly all the time even though she pretends she is allergic to me and D would let me roam free all day once C left for work. I miss them. I hope C takes me back soon and lets me stay longer this time.

Chillin' in the grass

Monday, March 15, 2010

More sleeping beauty pics

Can you tell that C has some crazy obsession with taking sleeping pictures of me?

Pitch a Porcupine!

I LOVE this toy. Usually B does not let me destroy this toy but finally he gave in to my prayers! I will have it in pieces before this post is even typed out!

New Travel Bag!

Take a look at this new travel bag C made for me. I just LOVE IT! Finally the humans got tired of lugging my toys around in a plastic shopping bag. Thank goodness because it was getting a little embarrassing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sleeping beauty pics

C always takes pics of me when I am sleeping! She is such a goof.

"Big Sister"

I am not sure I like what is going on around here. My humans keep telling me I am going to be a "big sister" and I don't think I like the sound of that.

They better be bringing me a new furry friend and not one of those annoying, smelly mini-humans! I will barf if they bring one of those things home. Besides, C is MINE I will not share her with anyone, it's bad enough I have to share her with B. Although, I have to say I am enjoying spending more time with B these days. He has been so nice lately even if he is stingy on giving me treats, where C gives me a whole peanut butter dog cookie, B only gives me half. He blames it on the recession, I blame it on him being stingy.