Monday, February 14, 2011

Long time no see!

Well, where do I begin? The mini-human has arrived and... well... I am starting to grow fond of her. She does tricks and you don't even have to give her a treat! One cool trick she does is to spit up milk everywhere which I LOVE to lick off. Oh my gosh, it is the most delicious thing ever. Even better than a puppachino I tell ya.

We are finally getting some sleep during the night and C has resumed our nightly walks which is good. The mini-human or "Madeline" as B and C call her can do a few other tricks like kicking, making weird noises, and emitting a wonderful smell into her pants a few times a day. I LOVE taking her diapers and shredding them while C chases me around the house. It is just the best game ever!

I will post some pics of us together. She is a keeper.