Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Day Ever

Yesterday was the best day ever. When C got home from “work” (whatever that is) she took me to the dog park. I LOVE the dog park. There are SO many different butts to sniff. There were a lot of mini humans there too for some reason. I tried my hardest not to bark at them because I know C and B hate that. One of the mini humans was especially annoying. He had this little blue ball that he was throwing away from his dog. She just sat there and looked at it so I stepped in to help her out. I ran and got it and brought it back and you’ll never guess what that pesky mini human did, HE THREW IT AGAIN! I looked at him like “What the hell is wrong with you?” We played this little game a few more times when finally I gave up and plopped down. I thought to myself “Go get your own ball.”

Once we got home, C put some olive oil on my kibble and I LOVE when she does that. Instead of eating crunchy rocks, I get crunchy flavored rocks. THEN, and here’s where it gets good, I had to use the ladies room in the middle of the night so C let me out and instead of making me get right back in my kennel, she let me lay in her lap for a while. She scratched my ears and rubbed my belly. I think I might try that again tonight. I am safe as long as B doesn’t wake up and take me out. He actually puts me on my leash to go to the bathroom. Can you believe it? In all fairness, I do try to run away from him and wake up C so she’ll take me out instead, but come on is the leash really necessary? Anyways, it was a great day.

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  1. Ruff, ruff, growl, yap, yap, sniff, sniff . . .