Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pics from post below

Something's up...

So I can't put my paw on it but something is up around here. I opened the coat closet today and saw this little yellow and black striped thing with a picture of a dog on it. I hope the humans don't think that thing is going on me. Then I almost freaked out when I walked outside and came face to face with this pumpkin! Something is definitely up...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My new frozen treats are to die for!

C bought me these frozen puppy treats and they are to die for. They are ice cream for dogs and taste kind of like peanut butter but oh so much better! Yummm. I am salivating just thinking about them. Must...have...more...

Best smell EVER

This past weekend I had a very important date with K and F in Tucson so I wanted to smell my very best. I happened upon a dead rat in the grass that smelled divine so I rubbed my entire body all over it. I rubbed my head, behind my ears, my belly, every place you can imagine was covered in this delicious dead rat scent. THEN, ugh, THEN C came and got me and pretended to throw up on me. She is such a drama queen. She yanked me into the house and freaking threw me in the shower with B and let's just say it wasn't pretty! I have never been so mad at him. He scrubbed that glorious rat scent right off of me with that itchy puppy shampoo crap. It was so embarrasing to walk into K and F's house smelling like an artificial flower. I don't know that I will ever forgive B and especially not C.

Whoa hiatus

I know I know I have not posted anything at all in a long time. So sue me. :) JK. I have been so busy lately which is both good and bad I suppose. Apparently the condo me and the humans rent is being foreclosed on so we have to move out by November 20th. I am not sure what exactly that means but I think it is a bad thing and I am not so sure I want to leave. I have all of my buddies here. Boomer, who is BlackJack's boyfriend is growing on me, and I love Sparkle. She is the best! Then there is a new little pup named Abby who seemed pretty nice and of course there is Jazz the old Westie. One thing is for sure, I will NOT miss that annoying dog who's human stinks like cigars or that stupid beagle that barks his head off all the time.

I hope I find some new friends wherever I end up going.