Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am not too sure what to think about these Monsoon storms. The other night I woke up to this thunderous crash outside and I started crying. It scared the bejeebs out of me! C woke up and told me it was thunder so I tried to calm down but it was still scary. It sounded like our house was being ripped up from the ground. C let me lay in her lap and she pet me until the storm passed then I went back in my kennel and went back to sleep. I am sooooo glad B did not get up with me! He would have made me put my leash on and go outside to see that everything was ok.

I am LOVING the rain that comes along with these storms. B and C have been walking me at night in the rain and it is so much fun! It is like playing in the sprinklers! Then before we go inside, C runs in and gets a towel and I get a big rub down which I like most of all. So if we could just have the rain minus the thunder, I would be one happy pup.

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