Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, it has been a while but I have been busy! First I was on vacay in Tucson and I had a blast. I got to read the paper in bed with F and she didn't even get mad when I tried to eat the paper. They took me to the dog park, fed me ice cubes, and gave me tons of treats. F and K also bought me a new collar and one of those expandy leash things. It is the best, I just keep hoping that B does not take it away from me!

From Tucson I went to Douglas and met my cousin Sophie. We had fun together! Sometimes I think she got kind of annoyed with me being in her space all the time but she was very gracious. She even let me take some of her toys home!!! I waited a whole week before I ate them all. I also got to meet Nana in Douglas. She and F are soooo nice. We played in the water and we even saw these crazy creatures with shells on them in the backyard. I will post a picture later.

After Douglas I went back to Tucson for a short while and then when I was going for a walk with K, my humans B and C showed up. At first I was like "Um, who are you?" Then I sniffed their butts and remembered they were mine! I was excited after that.

So now I am home and I glad to be there but I hope I get to go back to Tucson soon!

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