Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whoa hiatus

I know I know I have not posted anything at all in a long time. So sue me. :) JK. I have been so busy lately which is both good and bad I suppose. Apparently the condo me and the humans rent is being foreclosed on so we have to move out by November 20th. I am not sure what exactly that means but I think it is a bad thing and I am not so sure I want to leave. I have all of my buddies here. Boomer, who is BlackJack's boyfriend is growing on me, and I love Sparkle. She is the best! Then there is a new little pup named Abby who seemed pretty nice and of course there is Jazz the old Westie. One thing is for sure, I will NOT miss that annoying dog who's human stinks like cigars or that stupid beagle that barks his head off all the time.

I hope I find some new friends wherever I end up going.

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