Sunday, August 16, 2009

I got mail!

I got my very first package in the mail, it was so exciting! C took me with her to check the mail and in it was a box for ME! It came all the way from B's mom F in Tucson. C won't let me use scissors so I tried to be patient while she cut the tape off but she was taking too long and I could smell something yummy inside so I helped rip it open. Initially I thought the paper on the box was the treat and I went crazy chewing it and rolling on it then C took out the stuff in the box and there were treats for ME! OMG, I was so excited! She only gave me one of the green dental bones and I was a little upset since they were addressed to me and I should be allowed to eat them all right then if I wanted, but later she gave me one of the chicken flavored ones and I was happy. That was such a cool surprise!

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