Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm alive... barely

I am alive, but it has taken me almost a full month to recover from our vacation to San Diego and Anaheim, California A.K.A. 'HELL'.

San Diego was GREAT!!!! We did dog beach every day and I had such a blast. I made new friends, swam in the ocean, got to take naps on the beach, it was FABULOUS!!!!

Then, the humans who apparently hated me for whatever reason decided to take me to Downtown Disneyland. Ugh, I get sick just thinking about it! There were so many mini-humans and that was the least of my problems! The ONLY good thing about Downtown Disneyland was the caramel popcorn on the ground. That is it.

After Downtown Disneyland they took me to a DISNEY KENNEL, and LEFT ME THERE!!!!!!! Can you believe that crap? They were all excited because it is on Disneyland's property so they thought I'd be just fine. I was miserable.

First of all I thought they were not going to come back for me. I got really nervous. Who will look after C if I'm not around? I stood up the whole time in my kennel watching for C and B, hoping this was some cruel joke they were playing. When they finally came to check on me a few hours later my little legs were sooooo tired from standing that they kept shaking. C was worried but B thought I was pretending to be hurt. Would I do that? Well, ok I would but I wasn't pretending this time.

The humans agreed to come back and check on me again to see if I would lay down this time but I couldn't lay down. What if they forgot about me? I was a nervous wreck! When they came back to check on me, C freaked out and took me to the hotel. B was actually really nice too. He ran all the way to the hotel to get the car so I did not have to walk. I did not realize how much energy it took out of me standing that whole time.

To wrap up this never-ending story, I was fine later that night once I got some rest but I am still hardly on speaking terms with the humans for doing that to me. I can't believe they took me to that place!!!!!! Disneyland is the most disgusting, smelly, noisy, mini-human filled place on earth. I hope I NEVER have to go back.

On a lighter note, I will post some pictures of me on Dog Beach later!

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