Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Big Sister"

I am not sure I like what is going on around here. My humans keep telling me I am going to be a "big sister" and I don't think I like the sound of that.

They better be bringing me a new furry friend and not one of those annoying, smelly mini-humans! I will barf if they bring one of those things home. Besides, C is MINE I will not share her with anyone, it's bad enough I have to share her with B. Although, I have to say I am enjoying spending more time with B these days. He has been so nice lately even if he is stingy on giving me treats, where C gives me a whole peanut butter dog cookie, B only gives me half. He blames it on the recession, I blame it on him being stingy.


  1. Hi C & B & Lola,
    Congratulations!!! I think Lola you are so lucky to have a sister on the way...she can pull your tail and walk you and eat your food and you can eat her baby food... way better than your dry food. Be happy. besides B might be more generous with treats ... or the new baby might get better treats and you will be able to sneak some too. I am so happy for you. Aunt L from Otter Rock, Oregon!!!

  2. If Lola is a big sister, that makes me aunt :)

  3. I am just not so sure about those mini-humans. They are so LOUD. I wish there was a mute button on them. They smell so bad too, or LORDY do they smell! We'll see how it goes. I am willing to give it a chance.